Vision (Why?)

We inspire, transform and empower millions of hearts and minds in communities all over the world through our highly skilled and confident portrayal of real and fictional stories.

Mission (How?)

In partnership with an extensive, talented network, we listen to, connect with, facilitate and direct the abundant creation of films, plays and visual art. These pieces tell the powerful transformative real or fictional stories of local producers, business owners, corporate and organization leaders.


  • Power of Story – Everyone not only understands stories, but they are also living their own real life story.
  • Redemption – Life includes times of joy and times of drama and sorrow that we can choose to either ignore or learn from. There is a great story from redemption.
  • Transformation – Whenever we are forgiven and granted second chances, we are never the same. We become better people and better communities, making a greater contribution to our world.
  • Community – We create through collaboration and supporting one another, sharing our experiences and mentoring others.
  • Empowerment – When we are impacted by stories, we are motivated to live better lives and to make our communities and relationships better. We are filled with hope.