Reinholdt Productions is a partnership between John and Wanda Reinholdt
that features Wanda’s work as a Director, Writer & Actor
and John’s writing and producing.

John and Wanda met in Calgary while studying theatre,
and were married in 1999.  In 2000, they formed Reinholdt Productions
as a way to 
professionally collaborate with
directors, actors, writers and producers on a variety of projects.

Today, they collaborate with producers, businesses,
organizations, individuals, and artists all over the world.
These stories are told through multiple forms of art,
empowering and transforming individuals and communities.

The foundational belief of Reinholdt Productions
is that we all have a great story to tell.



Director, Writer, Producer, Actor

Wanda is passionate about telling great stories that motivate and inspire audiences to change their perspectives, attitudes or approach. Her ability to listen and transform a story to different art mediums is second-to-none, making her a highly sought-after director/producer in Alberta.

Winner of Best Director and Best Actress at the Alberta One Act Festival (2009) for her production of Graceland, Wanda has continued to be a pioneer for female directors across the country. She served on the directing team for The Great Fear, and has directed numerous short films including Perogy Boyz, and Belong…Create…Connect for the Hope Bridges Society. Wanda’s directing with Barrett Hileman showcased her work to audiences around North America, but her time with Burnt Thicket Theatre exposed Wanda to a world of authentic storytelling on a more personal level. Most recently, Wanda directed the TELUS-supported short film, Are you Listening? A Pathway to Empathy.

Beyond the director’s chair, Wanda has been involved in award-winning productions including Corporate Ladder, directed by Mike Peterson, and has acted in film and web series including The Off Screen Series.

In addition to her undergrad degrees in Theatre and Music, Wanda has completed film, directing and acting apprenticeships with Neil Schell, has an IRP in Design and participated in a Directing Mentorship. She is the artistic director for Reinholdt Productions and focuses on developing real-life stories and translating them to film, stage or canvas.

Wanda is a member in good standing with the Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF).


Writer, Actor, Producer

As long as he can remember, John has been expressing himself through writing. He has a passion for reading and is captivated by the way words can create a story that enlightens and teaches us.

John is a writer, actor and producer for Reinholdt Productions. He’s producing a children’s book and various short sketches, and continues to enhance his writing skills through local writing group. John was proud to be an actor in Wanda’s award-winning production of Graceland.

John is grateful for the opportunity to create and express his own stories through the written word. He is proud to be a partner at Reinholdt Productions, working hand-in-hand with his beautiful wife, Wanda.

“Reinholdt Productions is an impactful company that is sincere in what they do and how they represent their clients.  Their work is not just about themselves.  It is about genuinely helping others.  They are confident and clear.”

Debbie LawtonCostume & Set Designer, Sculptor