We are all moved and motivated through our senses —
through sights and sounds.

Reinholdt Productions is here to listen to your story and
help share it in an imaginative, creative, authentic way
on film, stage or canvas.

Wanda Reinholdt is an experienced director, writer, and producer,
with close to 20 years as a storyteller.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or taking an existing story idea and translating it to the best art form,
she will help you move, motivate and entertain your audience.

Directing your story on Film

Directing your story on Stage

Directing your story on Canvas

“Wanda’s work with the actors, extras and crew that helped bring “Are You Listening?” to post production is incredible. The film we created is both engaging and visually stunning. She is a strong artist and storyteller.”

Reuben TschetterProducerCache Productions